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Finding Your Rock

I have always toyed with the idea of whether there is one person—out of the whole planet— that is meant for me. Or is there?

If you would have asked my 18 year old self that I would have given you some romantic, airy explanation on why you should believe in soul mates. I thought I had met mine. I was young and in love and thought that everyone deserved to be this happy. My happy. To have their best friend become their world. Now, after many failed relationships and being soul mate-less, I still question the idea. I don’t know what is worse, thinking you might have found THE ONE and let them get away or thinking that finding THE ONE may never happen to you. These two notions seem to creep up on me at the oddest times. Especially when I’m sleeping—more importantly, sleeping alone. That is one thing I will never get used to, sleeping alone.

But, there is one thing I will never lose hope in. Love. Love is that mysterious thing that you often find yourself hating and wanting all at the same time. I have often thought, would I be better off if I didn’t love at all? Is it better to be love-less than soul mate-less?But I come back to one conclusion. Love is worth the wait; worth the fight; worth…everything.


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