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Welcome to Boho Kai

Seint Beauty


meaning of Boho: someone who doesn't conform to society

meaning of Kai: "ocean, earth, keeper of the keys"

Boho Kai goes outside the boundaries and confines of what is expected or seen as the "norm." Grounded in the elements of natural beauty--ocean, earth--Boho Kai holds the keys to endless possibilities.

why I  joined seint

And why you should too!

You have probably seen and heard me talk on socials about my obsession with this all-in-one compact makeup from SEINT Official. In just one compact, I have just about everything I need to do a quick 5-10 minute face & head out the door. Even when I’m feeling a full-glam look, SEINT is still what I reach for.

While the makeup is pretty bomb, I wanted to share with you why I joined a direct sales company like SEINT when I already had my a career in the movie industry (which I still love with a passions). The fact of the matter is, I didn’t NEED to – but babe, am I glad I did.

As someone who works in marketing, I thought why not earn extra income while sharing makeup I loved and already use!



That's right--I was a customer just like you. I tried the makeup, fell in love, starting sharing it with friends, then one day I found their affiliate program. That's when I learned about the SEINT Artist Program. The compensation plan is incredibly generous (base of 20% while other affiliate programs stop at 10% or 15%), the structure is super simple & the products are amazing. I instantly said "Sign me up!" with no hesitation.

cream shadows.jpg

Let's break it down...


No Minimum Sales Requirements

No inventory

One on One Mentorship

Work from Anywhere

No Pressure

No Need to Team Build

No Makeup Experience Needed

Instant Girl Gang


What is the compensation plan?

20-40% commission

For every sale you earn a MINIMUM of 20% commissions with the potential to earn up to 40%. We get paid 5 times a month – every Friday & on the 10th with our bonus checks. (Whoop Whoop!)

Is this a pyramid scheme? 

Sigh... honestly I love this question because I asked it myself! By definition and by law, pyramid schemes are illegal--it's a business model that recruits members by promising them payments and/or service for getting others to join, not by them purchasing products/services. Unfortunately there are some other companies that that give bad names to other companies that are the good guys – SEINT included. I’m proud to say that SEINT doesn’t offer bonuses just for signing up a new artist AND we do in fact sell products. Not all MLM’s are bad, and in fact-- SEINT in the beginning was a traditional makeup brand. It was sought after by Sephora, Anthropolgie, and Urban Outfitters. But Cara, the founder of SEINT, wanted the brand to by used, taught and marketed by everyday women who love the products just as much as she does. You can rest easy knowing we’re just here to sell amazing--dare I say REVOLUTIONARY--- makeup, not cheat people out of their money.


Where the money at?

The Commission Breakdown

20-40% commission

We are paid every Friday and on the 10th of every month. Your  commissions from the previous week are paid on the Friday and your  bonuses from the previous month are paid on the 10th.

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Pick your Artist Kit

Basic Kit $199 USD | $279 CAD

  • 2 IIID Palette 4

  • 1 IIID Palette 12

  • 2 Brushes

  • 1 Perfector Sponge

  • 19 IIID Foundation Singles

Pro Kit $399 USD

  • 1 IIID Palette 18

  • 1 IIID Palette 12

  • 2 IIID Palette 4

  • 6 Brushes

  • 1 Milk Creme

  • 1 Perfector

  • 12 Eyeshadows

  • 23 IIID Foundation Singles

IMG_0500 2.JPG

So I'm sure you're thinking

"OK, this sounds great – but how can I make any money doing this?” That is ENTIRELY up to you. Your earning potential is up to you-- you can you can easily calculate your potential earnings; do you want to make 20%? 35?% 40%? You can go at your own pace. This is YOUR beauty business.SEINT Official gives you all the resources and tools you need to be successful.




When it came down to it, this wasn't about just a paycheck. While it definitely didn't hurt, it was my desire to have a creative outlook and help me get to a place of financial freedom-- to be able to pay for my dream wedding, to save for the future and for my family, travel to places we’ve never been without worrying about how we were going to pay for it, to by the pair of expensive shoes that followed me on the internet.

If you 're tired of being over worked, unappreciated, under paid, or whether you're just craving a creative outlet--allow me to offer a different option that’s much more rewarding & way less depressing.


Have more questions? Feel free to DM me on socials, shoot me an email at

I'm here every step of the way...

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