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Three Reasons Why Red Wine Drinkers Are The Best People

Two words to get to my heart. Red wine.

I always looked at red wine drinkers with awe and admiration. It looked so glamorous and relaxing. I was envious. I tried to drink red wine, and I just couldn’t do it. I felt like I was taking a shot of tequila– I would plug one nostril and swallow a mouthful of this blood-like colored liquid. I couldn’t do it, but I wanted to so badly!

Then, one day, the skies opened up and my prayers were answered. I started dating a winemaker. I remember doing a double take when he told me what his profession was– “Wait, what?!” I was like finding a unicorn. He was passionate about everything wine related, and I was in Heaven. I no longer chugged a glass of red wine like a freshman in college. I was evolved, and my thought process changed.

Enjoy the moment

"Enjoying red wine isn’t something you can rush."

It is jarring at first. You don’t know what to think, how to drink it, so the first instinct is to rush it/chug it. This is the worst thing you can do! I leaves a bad taste in your mouth (Literally!). And you end up not ever wanting a glass of red wine unless it is your only, or last, choice. You can’t rush the process! Does it help knowing the elements that go into red wine? Yes. But taking your time to enjoy it is key. You can’t rush any process if you want to enjoy it.

They see the value of something

The wine maker I dated, we will call him “Bob” for the sake of anonymity, made a statement to me once. He said “There are Two-Buck Chuck people, and there are true red wine drinkers.” Real red wine drinkers know you can’t put a price tag on things– especially wine. Thinking about the price of something is cheapening it’s value. I mean, would you stay at a Motel 6 in Maldives? I think not. I get it, you are on a budget and the $10 bottle of wine looks better than the $30 bottle of wine. But you are literally going to taste the price difference. I know I probably sound like a wine snob, but it’s true! Once you have your first sip of GOOD red wine, you will never go back. It’s like heaven in your mouth. The value of a good red wine is priceless, and red wine drinkers get this. You can’t put a price tag on the value of a good life experience. Or a good bottle of wine. A good wine is no one and done. You have to value and earn the experience.

Work hard. Play Hard. Round the bases.

To me, there is nothing better than coming home after a hard day and having a glass of red wine. It’s like a love affair. I have been in the trenches at work all day. I come home and pick out the perfect bottle of red wine. I wait for the magically pop of the cork and pour it in my Olivia Pope glass. I find my perfect spot on the patio, and take that first sip. That first sip is heaven on Earth. I can literally feel all the stress leave my body. In that moment I feel pure ecstasy. You can’t get that feeling from a Two-Buck Chuck. I’ve earned that moment. And the best part about a good bottle of red wine is you can’t just stop at one glass! I risk sounding like an alcoholic by saying that but it’s true! It’s like a good make out session. You get to first base (the first glass); you start feeling really good so you move to the boob touch (the second glass). More of your senses are ignited and before you know it you’ve rounded the bases and hit a home run (third and fourth glass). There is no greater feeling. I know the harder I work, the greater that moment will be. (No pun intended)

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